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Rimua 7s – The Squad Last Part

In this concluding part of know the players series, we shall provide you with the insight of 3 more players, namely Ilme, Apang and Sideq. Muhammad Dzafran Asyraff bin Muhamad Zainudin, who is...


Rimau 7s – The Squad Part 2

10 August 2017 – Maiko or Mohamad Khairul Abdilah bin Ramli, to our surprise, is the sibling of Nurazman (Jemey), the national 15s player. So rugby is really in their vein so to...


Sony surprise Rimau 7s with gift

9 August 2017 – It was training as usual for Rimau 7s as they count down the days to the official KL2017 match. To their pleasant surprise, Sony, one of the gold sponsors...


Keris Conlay confirm participation in Elite 7’s

11 June 2017 – The 2017 AirAsia Malaysia Rugby League Premier champion team, Keris Conlay have confirm their participation in the upcoming Elite 7’s 2017. The champion participation will certainly lift up the...

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