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Malaysia GIR in World Top 20

28 October 2017 – Malaysia Get Into Rugby team is doing well when they put Malaysia in the World top 20. 131 unions all across the globe are actively conducting the program with 28...


TODAY! – Get Into Rugby

24 January 2017 – Get Into Rugby will be held today at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Rungkup, Bagan Datuk, Perak darul Ridzuan today. This is one of the series after the previous session held...


2nd Get Into Rugby program receive great support.

12 November 2016 – 156 pupils involve with Get Into Rugby (GIR) program inconjunction with SK Putrajaya Persint 8(2) Mega Carnival. 145 of them are male while the remaining 11 are female pupils....


Get Into Rugby – Early exposure for young rugby enthusiasts

4 November 2016 – Get Into Rugby (GIR) is an introduction program to all the young rugby enthusiasts age 6 to 17 years old. It is a module developed and issued by World...

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