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Dingoes dazzle to the title.

16 July 2018 – FRC Dingoes became the first ever winner in the very first edition of KRS 7s Ladies. The 2018 edition tournament took place at the Astake Field MBPJ, Petaling Jaya....


Royal Town claimed UTP throne

10 July 2018 – Royal Town Warriors showed who is the king as they shrugged off the host in the final match. The team from Klang did a tremendous job to silent the...


Double champion for Tsunami

10 July 2018 – SSTMI Tsunami proved that they are still the team to beat after two teams from the school claimed the title at the UTP Super Rugby 10s. SSTMI Tsunami Under...


Dingoes claimed first ever COBRA Ladies crown.

5 November 2017 – FRC Dingoes became the first ever COBRA 10s Ladies champion. They overcame the tournament host in the final. The match that took place at the MBPJ Stadium, Kelana Jaya...


Dianatasha double crowned Dingoes the Elite tittle

18 July 2017 – Front Row Club Dingoes was crowned as the ELITE 7s Women champion as they overcame Singapore Select in the final. Dingoes beat Singapore 10 – 5 in the dramatic...


Brunei Bastidos, SOWRC Angels are big winner in Labuan 10’s Day 1.

23 October 2016 – Brunei Bastidos from Brunei win the Men’s Veteren category on the first day of Labuan 10’s. They beat KS DBKL from DBKL in closely contested final match. The Bastidos...

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