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21 June 2018 – Malaysia Rugby Union delegate lead by the Presiden, Dato Shahrul Zaman Yahya visited the ongoing construction of Mini Rugby Stadium at the MBI Sports Complex in Ipoh this morning. It will be the venue for the rugby match in the 2018 SUKMA which will be held […]

7s time to utilise ISN

5 December 2017 – Malaysia 7s team had their first training session at the Institut Sukan Negara (ISN) yesterday. That will be the start of the 1st phase of training ahead of their preparation for the 2018 games. All 20 players who received the call-up attend the session. The team […]

From Our Lens : SSTMI – Champion in need of support


9 November 2017 – When we talk about Sekolah Sukan Tunku Mahkota Ismail, each rugby fans across Malaysia knows how important that school is in producing great players that went on to play for Malaysia. 9 out of 12 national players who bag Gold during the 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA […]

Rimau 7s – The Squad Part 2


10 August 2017 – Maiko or Mohamad Khairul Abdilah bin Ramli, to our surprise, is the sibling of Nurazman (Jemey), the national 15s player. So rugby is really in their vein so to speak. Maiko started playing since he was 13 with strong supports from his parents, coaches, and friends. […]

Brother shared national head coach sacrifice


10 August 2017 – In the build up for the upcoming 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games, there is a lot of sacrifice being made by the athlete as well as the coaching team. This includes the one that is made by the National 7s Men head coach, Mohd Saizul Hafifi […]

From Our Lens : Rimau 7s Rising Together


2 July 2017 – We dropped by at Padang A UPM a few days back to have some quick updates from the Head Coach of Rimau 7s, Mohd Saiful Afifi on the latest development of the squad. According to the Head Coach who is fondly known as “Pipie”, the squad […]

From Our Lens : Perlis prides are winners


1 August 2017 – Perlis suffered a crushing defeat on the first day of the tournament. A morale busting 3-85 scoreline. To some quarters, they half expected Kelantan to beat Perlis although not with this kind of score line. To me, they are winners. Based on the line-up, I can […]

Piala Agong – Lets the game begin!


Piala Agong was introduced more than 3 decades ago with PDRM winning the inaugural Cup in 1983. The prestigious competition provides the venue for the states to compete against each other and also includes PDRM and ATM. ATM is the side with the most win, winning the Cup on 11 […]

From Our Lens : Professional? It’s every stakeholder task!


I left my house around 3.00 pm thinking that I was late for the match. After a quick refuel managed to arrive at 3.50pm. All the Rimau 7s and their coaches were there, all taped, kitted and ready for action. Quite surprised and shocked to see that their opponents were […]

From Our Lens : Penalise the high tacklers


14 December 2016 – The second match of the day 1 Asia Rugby Championship 2016 saw Sri Lanka Under 19 edged Malaysia Under 19 27 – 21 in the very last minutes of the game. Both team show their willingness to fight and back and fourth action attacking and well […]

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