Why do I need to pay to watch?

Muizzuddin Yahaya

Let’s walk down the memory lane on how Ragbionline start this livestreaming. We got the idea of doing this as we wondered why a team from Sri Lanka (papare.com) came all the way to Malaysia to do the streaming for the Asia Rugby U19 – Division 1 in UPM back in 2016.

The started big, gamble without much knowledge and outsourced the specialist to stream the 2017 AirAsia Malaysia Rugby League. During that time, our cost was covered by the Malaysia Rugby Union. We started to cover tournament all around Malaysia, being paid by the organiser and even got to the chance to help Asia Rugby stream the 2017 Asia Rugby Championship – Division 1 (We won and promoted to Premier)

Fast forward 2019, the idea of having this subscription, pay to watch the live/recorded game came in when we were stuck in between not having the live game at all for the 2019 Malaysia Rugby League due to numbers of reason. We made the offer to the MRU, and they accept that even-though at some point, we were not to sure if we will be able to hit the target (subscriber, money collection). We did not hit the target eventually.

5 reasons why we continue to do this subscription

  1. We understand that not all the tournament organiser have the allocation to pay for the cost of the streaming. On the other hand, the streaming could be a plus point for the organiser if they are looking for more sponsorship. (branding reach and etc)
  2. We want to stream the live game/record as many game as we can. We understand that recording could be beneficial for each and everyone in rugby community. From the players, coach, analyst, scout and other media.
  3. We need the subscriber to pay to cover the streaming. Frankly speaking, it cost us a lot. From the server, camera set, system, cables and so much more. And six months into the process, we hardly break even the cost for most of the tournament we stream (ahaakkks!!)
  4. The subscribtion give chance to the community to contribute to the sport. The money that you pay will let us to grow and improve the service that we have.
  5. We are open for suggestion, oppinion and comment once you commit to pay for the service. It hurt us so much as we did one stream for FREE but received tons of negative comments due to something which was out of our control. You pay for the service, you have the right to put up the comment!

Ragbionline.com is a self funded group of 3 people only. We admit what we are lacking but we are always looking for opportunity to improve the service that we offer.

We understand the expectation that people put on us especially when people pay to watch. (The “Tak halal duit” incident, as our server broke down before the first game of 2019 Malaysia Rugby League force us to open the stream to public) A wake up call for us that we have to be at our A game in each and every stream.

Thank you for continuous support that each and every one give to us. Let us grow with that support to give a much better stream to all the community.

For those who condemn our decision to do the subscription, this is the chance for you to read, re-think and evaluate before you leave another comment that will hurt us.



*Our target – 1000 yearly subscribers and we will have 3 camera streams in 2020

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