Happy retirement Ustaz Kamel

22 February 2019 – It was a mix and emotional day at Sek Men Sultan Yahya Petra 1 (SYP), Kuala Krai as they celebrate the retirement day Ustaz Kamel. For those who do not know who is he, Mahmad Kamel bin Ishak is the person responsible to identified a number of a talented national rugby player.

Ustaz Kamel is the person responsible to instil rugby passion in Malaysia 7s, Azwan Zuwairi, Khairul Abdillah, Nurazman Ramli, Syarif Saiful and so much more. He guides those players in SYP, turning good into better before he links up with Tunku Mahkota Ismail Sports School and those players who they are these days.

It’s an amazing story of how non-rugby players can manage, coach and his guidance lead to a success story in our national team. He took up the challenge of being the rugby teacher in SM Sultan Yahya Petra 1, create passion and love to the sports. He grows the love to the game, took the initiative to understand the game better by attending courses.

Ustaz Kamel started teaching in 1978 at SK Chuchoh Puteri. He even went to Sarawak and worked there from 1981 – 87 after he finished his study at Maktab Perguruan Islam Petaling Jaya. His last school in Sarawak is SMK Sultan Haji Othman Abdul Wahab. He got his transfer to Kelantan with SMK Sultan Yahya Petra become his one and only school in Kelantan. Ustaz Kamel ended his 30 years of service at SYP on 20th February 2019. With him at the helm of the rugby team, SYP won the various tournament both in Kelantan as well as on the national level.

It was a day to remember as his retirement day was attended by students, teachers as well as the ex-rugby players/students. They even arrange a friendly match between the current school team against the alumni leads by Azwan Zuwairi last Wednesday.

Ustaz Kamel still wishes to contribute to the rugby as he targets to at least spend once a week to coach the SYP team.

Happy retirement day Ustaz Kamel. Have a great time in your ‘kebun’.

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