Press Release ​: Malaysia Rugby League subcriptio​n

16 February 2019 –

Malaysia Rugby Union has given permission for to produce the live stream of Malaysia Rugby League 2019 on 15thFebruary 2019. is responsible to broadcast the stream from match week 1 until the final in match week 6. decide to head into the new direction, by offering rugby fan to subscribe by paying RM10 for the whole season instead of charging the tournament organizer.

With less than 24 hours after the permission to the first game, rugby fans rushed to register, resulting congestion on the web server. The congestion is also due to the player database stored on the same server used by decide to open the stream and choose to publicly broadcast the game as we were unable to recover the server with 10 minutes to kick off. We have also decided to stream all 3 match week 1 free and publicly.

Due to that, we will upgrade the service for the second week. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience cause by us. 

You can continue subscribing to the MRL pass at

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