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Faridahidayu Amrizal (Former Development Officer of Malaysia Rugby Union)

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During the Match Commissioner World Rugby course, there are two important things that I learned and should be considered in all planning/decisions to be done. The two are: –
1 – Player Welfare
2 – Time

In the context of the Rugby Tournament, the two things mention related to all parties involved. The six common ignorances that often occurs for player welfare in the domestic tournament: –

1 – Player
– Body readiness * either been forced or willing to play with unfit condition * different level of tournament required different effort.
– skipped or unfinished recovery period * commonly skipped GRTP protocol.
– play without insurance.
– safety equipment/guard.
* know your right, think long-term, extra education and knowledge

2 – Player’s Family Members
– Not been informed, regarding related paperwork: – example U18 eligibility form, insurance coverage
* integrity – no one shall sign/sign on behalf without proper consultation

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3 – Team management and support – the common 3 (coach/team medical/doctor or physio or both/manager), extra – Sports Science support
– no / less competency person on the team.
example: –
a – A coach based on experience, less exposure with tips / practical way / recommended safety WR practice on proper technique and training plan, etc.
b – No / less team medical, either Doctor or Physio or both or at least one with WR FAIR Level 1 competent person who is capable to be the first responder to the player.

c – Team manager – last minute paperwork (players details, jersey no, eligibility, insurance, IC/passport, physical examination etc). Create a problem if an emergency occurs.
Example: – Yellowcard / Red Card cases. There must be doers and victim. There are 2 possibilities for a victim when the referee shows the card, either he is safe or injured. The worst case scenario is when an injury occurred. It is either blood bin or continues converting sub. In this context. All documentation that the organizer requested is crucial for reporting purposes. From secretariate to the referee to tournament medical team. In other words, there must be a reason all those documents needed and been recommended by World Rugby.

d – Allow players to play without insurance.

e – Allow underage play players without signing eligibility (sign by parents).

f – Encourage unfit players unfit to play.

g – Allow players to play even though the tournament does not meet the minimum requirements for player welfare.
Reflect Asia Rugby practice there are a few documentation shall be sent prior to the tournament day with restriction, such as coach/physio/doctor position shall have minimal World Rugby requirement to be part of the team.
* experience is good, but with the extra knowledge you will be much better – consult related person for any courses/ advise related with team management roles

4 – Tournament structure: – Main focus to organizer + tournament medical team + match official (referee), secretariat.
a – Money / Success over main priority * overlooked what is main priorities
example: – slow in field preparation (The field should be ready 24 hours before the match day – and check for any harmful object on and around the field.)

There is minimal requirement checklist provide for the organizer. Follow or being ignorance, will lead to a big impact.

b – non-competent support system / main power
– No revision for documentation details. – related much by allowing non-eligible players

c – Lack of communication
* pre and post-mortem meeting, design and plan tournament which is the aim of a smooth tournament. Follow schedule/timeline. Planning and execution are 2 different things. Seek to advise from the correct channel.

5 – Governance Body
* providing support
* enforcement of rules and regulation
* be firm

6 – Spectator
a – Common, if there is no barrier, they will reach out the matches
– Either standing too near with sideline or even stand inside the line.
– Let the children play too near with sideline.

Rugby is a contact sport with high impact on the body. Those aspects should be the priority regardless of the level. A highly competitive level, play in high impact, which exposes to high risk of injury. A lower level is no less dangerous, with beginner, new in the game is exposed to injury could be due to wrong technique.

With the aim to create more game time, to give more chance to play, to be more competitive, put these issue as a priority. Minimal the chance for injury to occurs.

How? educate yourself, Seek for advice, consultation with correct person/channel.

It will be awesome if we can reach a certain standard of practice right?

Photos by Aiman Farhan and Educator Malaysia Rugby

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