Positive atmosphere in Paris

7 July 2018 – With less than 3 hours before the first match, Malaysia Under 18 team is certainly in the good mood. 2 days in Paris and all the player seems to reconcile nicely to the atmosphere and temperature in Paris.

The team coach, Nazuridin Abdul Latiff shared that “the team is in the optimum condition and should be able to perform to the highest standard.” Nazuridin added that the team did not face any problem in getting enough nutrients and energy as there are tons of Halal food restaurant nearby.

The management also decided to move to another hotel as it will be closer to the ground.

According to the official Paris World Game website, only 10 teams including Malaysia will take part in the game although initially, it supposes to have 12. That also force changes in the pool as Malaysia has been move into Pool A. The top two of each group will advance to the cup semi-final with number 3 and 4 will move into Bowl. The bottom team in each group will play in 9 – 10 ranking qualification.

Malaysia will face Bagneux in the first match of the tournament. It is scheduled to start at the 9.00am local time, 3.00pm for Malaysia time.

You can follow the latest result of this tournament on this link.

Paris World Games

Malaysia will be the only team in the group to have four matches today as the other 4 will have 3. The remaining 1 match will take place on the second day. All the matches will take place at the Alain Mimoun Stadium.

Photos by NRDP.

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