A message of believe – Hibiscus 2018

Salam brothers

I have never been a person that wants attention and glamour in what I do as a national team manager. I rather give that to others. But I like to believe that I am a part of building this great team

We are in the process to embark on a historic journey. A chance that may never come again. To create a new history to be playing at a level we have never reached before. A challenge that many say it’s impossible. But impossible is only when you don’t put in the work.

There is no personal agenda for this campaign. It’s gonna require everyone to have HEART, heart to choose what is the best for the team, heart to push you like never before, a bigger heart to raise for the nation and prove that we deserve to be competing at this level.

I know that all of you have the passion and pride to play for the national team. But we have to increase our level. What we use to do is no longer enough. Don’t worry what we don’t have but rather focus on what we have. Let the union focus on their job. We focus on ours. For the last 4 years I’ve been with all of you, never have I heard you whine because we are humble enough to make the best out of things.We have believed. Otherwise, I know you won’t be here, training hard.

Teams will change and go. But legacy will remain forever. So, I challenged all of you to take this journey together with me. There was never a champion made the easy way. Set your priorities, forget the small tournament or games. You are at the elite level now. Maintain your stamina, body, and mental. Act like an elite. Don’t lose our identity.

Let us bring out the best in each other. Because that’s what champions do.

I have shed tears to see how you have succeeded. The tears of joy and struggle. I’ve seen and ask you to sacrifice so many things. But all for the lencana didada and the sports we love
I’ve never looked back at what I have lost, money, time with family, children’s birthday, anniversary, even career.

Hence to conclude, all the of this that I mention like passion, heart, pride, discipline is a requirement, but all I have doesn’t matter if you are not willing. Start by willing to achieve. Then we can set the pathway to achieve the main goal.

I thank the players that have committed so far. I see huge physical change and improvements. We need to thank MSN and KBS for their support no matter how big or small. Everything starts with a small step or even a crawl.

To those that still have not join, I ask that you put in the effort at your state MSN to execute the program outline. There is no easy way to be in this team. Famous names don’t get u anywhere here.

I know I’m hard at times, but it’s all to mold and set a standard based on our capability and affordability. If there is lacking in any areas, it’s not because of I wants to deprive the team but more to set the list of priorities.

So, be honest with yourself and me. Join me and accept this challenge. Don’t hold the team back if ur not WILLING.

Kind Regard

Your brother and your manager

Photos by Zainuddin Mamat

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