Positive start

10 December 2017 – Malaysia passed their test match with flying colors as they overcame local club, KL Tigers earlier this evening. That match took place at the Bellamy Field, TUDM Kuala Lumpur.

It was a match that Malaysia expected to win. The national team fulfills the prediction as they produce a good performance to beat the Tigers 43 – 5.

They field in numbers of new players into the first 15s. The like of Lawrence Petrus, Nas Affie and Hamizan Roslie responded well to the challenge and showed that they got what it takes to play for Malaysia. The team also welcome back 2016 hero, Mohd Azmir Zanul Abidin who suffered an injury in the first ARC Division 1 match.

Malaysia captain, Mohd Syahir Asraf did well to lead the team in that match. He played well as flyhalf.

Malaysia head coach, Lee Nyuk Fah admit that he is still looking for players to play in certain position. They had this match as part of general preparation with the individual aspect as the main purpose. This is especially for the new players who need to get used to Nyuk Fah’s game plan and tactical.

“It is a six-month program which includes strength & conditioning, tactical, technical and mental. We are glad to have full support from ISN and MSN in term of the scientific app, nutrition, psychology as well as individual and game analysis.” added Lee Nyuk Fah.

The national team is still hoping to fly to New Zealand for 3 weeks in March 2018 as they realized they need to bring their game to a higher level. Hong Kong and South Korea have a very high standard as their player play professionally.

Photos by Zainuddin Mamat

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