Malaysia team to compete in IPRC


4 November 2017 – 2 Malaysia delegates are in Tokyo, Japan at the moment to discuss the possibility of a Malaysia club participation in the first ever Indo Pacific Rugby Championship. Malaysia Rugby Union Vice Presiden, Mr. Raimi Yusof and Mr. Mohammad Amir Amri departed to Tokyo yesterday after their meeting with IRP representative in Kuala Lumpur.

There will be six teams from six different Indo Pacific country to take part in the championship. This could be the perfect chance for Malaysia team to play against the club from Australia, Sri Lanka, South Korea and Fiji. These powerhouse nations are certainly a class above Malaysia.

There will be home and away matches with the total of 33 matches to play. There will be two option of the championship where the first one will start on July until October 2018. The second option is to have the championship March to June 2019. The Malaysia Rugby Union need to take a proper look at the schedule as Malaysia will have our very own Malaysia Rugby League on the date of the first option.

The main purpose of this IRPC is to attract the greatest talent we build with the rugby capacity and generate opportunity for players, fans, community, government and business throughout Indo Pacific Region.

We are hoping for positive news from Tokyo. It will be awesome to see Malaysia Club competing against the best club in the region.

Indo Pacific Rugby Championship is expected to be at the same level with the Super Rugby.

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