From Our Lens : Perlis prides are winners


1 August 2017 – Perlis suffered a crushing defeat on the first day of the tournament. A morale busting 3-85 scoreline. To some quarters, they half expected Kelantan to beat Perlis although not with this kind of score line.

To me, they are winners. Based on the line-up, I can only see one recognisable name of Bonzer, who plies his trade with Cobras in the Super League. The rest are aliens to me. Yet, they refused to be bothered with lacked of big names. Fight and soldier on they go.In the first half they threw everything that they have and gave Kelantan some hard time. They came with a game plan. Win or lose is secondary, the guts and audacity to test against a better team is something that we all can look up to.

Some of the players are young. Piala Agong campaign can be a venue for them to gain valuable experience, big game match temperamental.

There are no losers in this game either we win or we learn. Perlis by taking part and play with prides are winners in my eyes.

Photos and write up : Zainuddin Mamat/ragbionline

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