STI mastered STI 10’s Invitational

24 April 2017 – Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tun Ismail won the Under 15 STI 10’s Invitational. The host send 3 teams and it was their STI A who went all the way to win the title. To make it sweeter, STI A beat Sekolah Sukan Negeri Johor, SMK Tun Hussein Onn 5 – 0 in the final.

12 teams took part in the tournament from 7 different school. STI had the most team registered with 3 while SM Sains Sembrong, High School Batu Pahat and SM Sains Batu Pahat had two teams.

STI dominant in the tournament was well documented as they did not let their opponent to score any points. They record their biggest win when they demolish High School Batu Pahat B 33 – 0. They also comfortably beat SMK Pasir Gudang 2 20 – 0 and 24 – 0 to SM Sains Sembrong B in their group match. Sekolah Sukan Negeri Johor also won all their 3 group matches.

SMK Tun Ismail continue their impressive display as they beat SMK Pasir Gudang 2, 33 – 0 in the quarter final while SSN defeated SM Sains Batu Pahat B 17 – 5. SM Sains Batu Pahat A gave STI something to think about before a single try win the game for STI to book the final spot and face SSN who scored 2 tries to beat High School Batu Pahat 10 – 0.

It was a match that could end either way but SMK Tun Ismail managed to edge Sekolah Sukan Negeri Johor 5 – 0 in the final match.

SMK Tun Ismail used this tournament to prepare their team for the upcoming King Edward 10’s Under 15 in Taiping, Perak at the end of the month.

Sekolah Sukan Negeri Johor, High School Batu Pahat and SM Sains Sembrong also used this tournament as their last preparation. They will compete in the upcoming KL Tiger International Rugby 10’s at the end of April.

Other full knock-out results are :

Quarter Final Cup/Plate
STI (33) vs SMK PG2 (0)
Sains Sembrong (0) vs Sains Batu Pahat A (10)
SSN (17) vs Sehebat B (5)
High School BP (10)vs MRSM Batu Pahat ( 0)

Semi-Final Plate
Sains Sembrong A (15) vs PG2 (5)
Sains Batu Pahat B (0) MRSM BP (10)

Semi-Final Cup
Sains Batu Pahat (0) vs STI ( 5)
SSN Johor (10) vs High School BP (0)

Final Plate
MRSM BP 10 vs Sains Sembrong A 5

3rd/4th cup
Sains BP 10 vs HSBP 5

Final Cup
STI 5 vs SSN Johor 0

Photos and infos courtesy of STI

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