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Rimua 7s – The Squad Last Part

In this concluding part of know the players series, we shall provide you with the insight of 3 more players, namely Ilme, Apang and Sideq.

Muhammad Dzafran Asyraff bin Muhamad Zainudin, who is from Kelantan currently play for Serdang Angels. He also started playing from a tender age, in primary school, playing rimau rugby before turning to full pledge tackle rugby.

He received full supports from his parents, coaches, and friends. His best achievements were winning the silver medal for rugby 7s in 2015 Sea Games. The best game to date for him – Beating Japan in Asia Series in Colombo, Sri Lanka, whilst he wishes to forget the whole debacle of Asian Series in Hong Kong.

Selangor without any doubt is one of the power house in term of developing rugby players. One of the players from Selangor is Muhammad Siddiq Amir bin Jalil. He is also currently playing for Serdang Angels. Well supported by his parents and brother in law, Siddiq started playing rugby since he was 9 years old.

The best game for him was Asia Series 2014, Malaysia Leg, when he scored his first ever try in 7s, during the match against Sri Lanka. The match that he wished to forget is losing to Singapore in the final for 7s in Sea Games 2015.

For the record, Siddiq was the captain for Serdang Angles, that won the MRSL 2016 – the all locals team.

Last but not least, Moha,ad Safwan bin Abdullah, Perak born player, who currently plays for UiTM Lions. His brightest moment in rugby was winning the silver in Sea Games 2015.
We wish Rimau 7s all the best. All the work hard, preparation, training is about to be put to test. Trust yourselves, coaches and teammates and InsyaAllah the victory shall be ours.

By Zainuddin Mamat/ragbionlone

Rimau 7s – The Squad Part 2

10 August 2017 – Maiko or Mohamad Khairul Abdilah bin Ramli, to our surprise, is the sibling of Nurazman (Jemey), the national 15s player. So rugby is really in their vein so to speak. Maiko started playing since he was 13 with strong supports from his parents, coaches, and friends. He is currently playing for Serdang Angels.

The best games to date are Cockburn 7s and Asia Series Korea. Maiko’s position is scrumhalf. Throughout his career, Maiko rated the following as his most memorable:
a. Runner-up of Cockburn 7s.
b. Top 5 in both South Korea and Sri Lanka 7s series.
c. Champions Asian 5 Nation in Qatar (2014).
d. Champions IRG Ranking Bangkok (2014)
e. Champions ARC 2016.

Muhammad Ameer Nasrun bin Zulkeffli or Awe, is another player from Serdang Angels. Started playing at the age of 14, Awe is a product of SMK Sultan Yahya Petra (1), Kelantan. It was there that Awe received the initial training. The coach who responsible for providing him with the foundation and encouraged him to excel in rugby was Cikgu Kamel Ishak.
According to Awe, his best games to date were playing for Malaysia in ARFU 7s U20 in 2011 and 2012. For 2 consecutive years, the U20 7s emerged champions and to put the icing on the cake, Malaysia beat both Hong Kong and Japan. What an achievement!

The lowest point in his games was during Asia Games in Korea when Malaysia suffered defeats to Japan and Thailand in the group stage and ended up winning the bowl. A morale sapping experiences.

Awe’s achievements to date include:
a. Silver medal for SEA Game Singapore
b. 6th place for Olympics Qualifying in Hong Kong
c. 4th place HSBC Asian 7s Mumbai 2013
d. 4th place HSBC Asian 7s Colombo 2015
e. Champions for ARFU 7s U20 2011 and 2012.
f. Runner Up ARFU 7s U20 2013.

Muhammad Azwan Zuwairi bin Mat Zizi or Puteh started playing rugby at the age of 10. The best games to date for him were Asian 7s Series in South Korea and Sri Lanka and also Cockburn 7s in Australia.

His best achievement was ARFU U20 for 2015 and 2016 and Asia 7s Series for the same years.

We at Ragbi Online would like to wish Maiko, Awe, Puteh and the rest of Rimau 7s all the best and bring the gold medals home.

By Zainuddin Mamat/ragbionline

Sony surprise Rimau 7s with gift

9 August 2017 – It was training as usual for Rimau 7s as they count down the days to the official KL2017 match.

To their pleasant surprise, Sony, one of the gold sponsors of KL2017 has decided to pay Rimau 7s squad a visit and handed over some goodies as the token of appreciation for all the hard work done. Also present at the short but full of nice gesture presentation was the GM himself En Mohd Mazuri Sallehudin.

All the best boys, bring the gold medal home and surely you all can look forward to bigger goodies.

Keris Conlay confirm participation in Elite 7’s

11 June 2017 – The 2017 AirAsia Malaysia Rugby League Premier champion team, Keris Conlay have confirm their participation in the upcoming Elite 7’s 2017. The champion participation will certainly lift up the tournament standard as they join the like of ASAS RC, NS Wanderers and Bunga Raya Jr in Men category.

This will leave only 3 teams from Singapore, will take part in the tournament. Singa Malaya and Singa Cubs will play in Men category while Singapore Select will be the sixth team in Women.

There’s no news about the Keris Conlay line up. However, it would be great to see if they field in their best 7’s team out of the 15’s team who were crowned as the Premier champion earlier this year although this will be a totally different kind of tournament.

The Elite 7’s will take place at the Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya Stadium. It will start on 15th while the final match is schedule to take place on 16th July 2017.

The list of competing teams are:

1. Keris Conlay
2. Singa Cubs
3. Singa Malay
4. NS Wanderers
5. Front Row Clubs
6. Panthers Blowpipes
7. Bunga Raya Jr

1. Singapore Select
2. FRC Dingoes
3. UiTM Simba
4. KL Tigers
6. COBRA Venom

**Article amended on 12 June 2017, 7.46 due to wrong interpretation on the information. Thank You