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Melaka Curtain Raiser 15s to prepare Melaka Under 18 team.

13 January 2018 – Melaka starts their early preparation for the upcoming MSSM rugby 2018. They will be having the 2018 Melaka Curtain Raiser Rugby Cup 15s. This tournament also symbolizes the start of rugby season in Melaka.

8 school from all over Melaka will compete in the 15s format. This tournament is set for the Under 18 age group. Players will have the chance to impress the coaching team to represent MSSM Melaka team in the MSSM Tournament which will take place in March. Pahang will be the host for 2018 edition after Perak host them in 2017.

The 3rd Edition of Melaka Curtain Raiser Rugby Cup 15s will see Melaka High School in Group A alongside SMK Munshi Abdullah, MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba, and SMK Telok Mas. Group B will consist of SM Sains Muzaffar Syah, SMK Seri Tanjong, MRSM Alor Gajah as well as the tournament host, KV Melaka Tengah.

The one-day tournament will give an early indication for Melaka on how they will set up their MSSM team soon. The MSS Melaka Under 18 tournament will take place on 20 February. That will be the time Melaka to complete their team.

The idea to create the Melaka Curtain Raiser Rugby Cup 15s was from the Ex-Senior Supervisor for Sports, JPN Melaka who is also a coach as well as a referee, Tuan Haji Kamaruddin bin Othman, better known as Cikgu KO among friends. This 3rd edition is organized by the JPN Melaka with the collaboration of Melaka Rugby.

Tournament details

215 teams in the carnival

10 January 2018 – With less than two weeks to go, 215 teams have confirmed their participation in the 2018 National Rugby Development Program (NRDP) Carnival. The two days carnival is scheduled to take place on 20 – 21 January 2018.

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) is being selected to host the carnival. There is no official match schedule or group list just yet but it is scheduled to start at 8.00pm in the morning until late evening on both days.

The carnival offered 13 categories as they are available for both boys and girls. Boys Under 12 recorded the most participation as more than 60 schools and clubs will take part in the category.

The carnival also offered 3 different formats. The Junior Rugby (Ragbi Rimau) is for the boys Under 11 and Under 12 while Girls will be playing Touch Rugby. The rest of the categories will see boys playing the full rugby 7s format.

More than 3200 will be playing in the carnival with 400 technical officers and volunteers will be on hand to make sure it runs smoothly.

SEMASHUR – Champion on the field, Excellent in class

15 December 2017 – The champion of 2017 KRM Under 15, Sekolah Menengah Sains Hulu Selangor prove that they are the best on and off the field. The Under 15 players celebrate their excellent result in the PT3.

The excellent result by all the players who obtain at least 7A to 11A is a great achievement. This makes each and everyone around them especially parents and teachers feel so proud of the outcome.

The key to this lie on the cooperation and support from teachers, parents as well as coaches. They make sure each one of them have the great discipline and self-esteem in chasing their dream on and off the field.

These students understand that both sports and education should go inline in developing excellence individual. Their achievement proved that they got what it takes and have a very bright future ahead.

The 21 rugby players with their PT 3 result.

1. Mohd Imran – 11A
2. Abdul Hakim – 11A
3. Hariz Ezzat – 10A (Best Player 2017 KRM)
4. Mohd Haris Imran – 10A
5. Farhan Haziq Asyraf – 10A
6. Eizzul Eizmie – 10A
7. Wan Mohd Hafiz – 9A
8. Mohd Idham ZulMajid – 9A
9. Aslam Anuar Afendi – 9A
10. Mohd Aiman – 9A
11. Wan Izzul Wafiq – 9A
12. Mohd Mirza – 9A
13. Mohd Azri Imran – 9A
14. Amier Irfan – 9A (Best Forward 2017 KRM)
15. Mohd Asrul Idham – 9A
16. Mohd Izzat Aiman – 9A
17. Kamarul Aiman – 9A
18. Mohd Najmudin – 8A
19. Izz Haziq – 8A
20. Aisy Amri – 8A
21. Mohd Ilham – 7A

This SEMASHUR team achievement since 2015.

1. Zealord 10s Invitational Rugby Championship – Cup Champion
2. SDAR 10s Invitational Rugby Championship- Cup Champion

1. IPRM 10s Rugby Championship – Cup Champion
2. Medini 7s Rugby Championship – Cup Champion
3. SEMASHUR Zealord Invitational Rugby Championship- Cup Champion
4. SDAR 10s Invitational Rugby Championship- Cup Champion
5. Salbros Invitational Rugby Championship- Cup Champion

1. ANSARA Rugby 10s Carnival – Cup Runner-Up
2. SMSS 7s Rugby Championship – Cup Champion
3. KL Saracens Rugby Championship – Cup Runner-Up
4. STJ – AFjet International Ragbi – Cup Champion
5. SBP 10s Rugby Championship – Cup Champion
6. MCRU Rugby 2017 – Cup Champion
7. MSSM MILO Bawah 15 Rugby Championship – Cup Champion
8. MSSS Rugby Championship – Cup Champion

Congratulation on their great achievement. These players will need to double their effort to sustain their excellent achievement in the future.

Outstanding job Sekolah Menenagah Sains Hulu Selangor!

Photos from SEMASHUR archive.

Datuk Sulaiman Daud Cup returned to SEMASHUR

27 November 2017 – SEMASHUR was crowned as the champion for the 2017 10s Rugby Championship Under 15 MSSM/Milo. Sekolah Menengah Sains Hulu Selangor (SEMASHUR) who represented Selangor after the win the state level, faced the team from Kedah Sekolah Menengah Sains Pokok Sena (SAINA) in the final. The Datuk Sulaiman Daud Cup finally returned to SEMASHUR as they last won the title back in 2014.

SEMASHUR showed great dominance throughout the performance with only Sekolah Menengah Seri Mersing able to break their line in the cup quarterfinal match. SEMASHUR topped Group F with 100% record, scored at least 4 tries in each match. They recorded the highest points difference with 113, with no other team reach 100 marks.

SEMASHUR opened the campaign with 46 – 0 win over MRSM Kuching before continuing their great run with 43 – 0 win over MRSM Kuala Terengganu. They ended their fine run as they scored 4 tries to win 24 – 0.

High School Klang unable to provide any test for SEMASHUR in the cup last 16 matches. The Selangor team was just too good for them as SEMASHUR through to the quarter-final with 33 – 0.

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seri Mersing became the only team to break SEMASHUR line in the quarter-final. Their two tries, however, was not enough as SEMASHUR book their semi-final spot with commanding 33 – 14 win. SEMASHUR recorded 4 more tries in the semi-final. Their well-drilled team got better of Sekolah Dato’ Abdul Razak of Negeri Sembilan, 22 – 0.

Sekolah Menengah Sains Pokok Sena also had a great run to the final. They cause numbers of upset en route, especially in the semi-final. They book their final spot as they beat one of the favorite team, Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah 13 – 0.

It was all about SEMASHUR in the final match. Hariz Ezzat bin Hamidon gave SEMASHUR the breakthrough with the opening try. Mohd Najmuddin bin Norhisham added the second for the team before Asrul Idham bin Asri sealed the Datuk Sulaiman Daud title for the SEMASHUR. They lifted the cup with 15 – 0 win

This championship team came from great teamwork as this team received help from 3 of their old boys, Amir Asyraf b. Yusri, Luqman b. Ishak and Amir Ashmaan bin Abdul Muttalib who also won the best player title back in 2014. Their head coach, Cikgu Soleh Abdul Hamid also played a vital part in this team great performance and 100% parents attendance boost SEMASHUR to win the cup.

It was no surprise to see SEMASHUR lifted the title as they had 2 sessions of physical intensive training at UPSI to prepare the mind and psychology under the guidance of Dr. Huzairi. Almost all the preparation cost was sponsored by players’ parents.

Congratulation SEMASHUR!

Photos by SEMASHUR

Girls power in Kuching

22 November 2017 – Get Into Rugby Kuching created their own history as they recorded more girls participant compared to boys. Get Into Rugby program is heading to the finale of 2017 program and this could boost more girls participants in 2018.

Girls power

289 participants joined Get Into Rugby Sarawak. For the first time in Malaysia, 223 of them are girls with only 66 boys. It was no surprise to see girls dominating the program as Sarawak has produced numbers of talented women rugger including 4 players who won Bronze in the 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games team.

Farid Rahman gives instruction to two trainers

The two days program took place at the Song Kheng Hai Rugby Field, Kuching. The first-day focus of Train the trainer which also saw numbers of women turned up. The Get Into Rugby program was on the second day. Get Into Rugby director, Mr. Raimi Yusof lead the program with the assistant from Mr. Farid Rahman, ex-national player.

5 years old, Rayyan Wafeeq B Abdul Ghafar

GIR Sarawak also created another history as they welcome the youngest participant to the program. They welcome 5 years old, Rayyan Wafeeq B Abdul Ghafar who is still in the kindergarten. He showed great interest in rugby as he joined his older brother in the program.

Distance did not stop 28 students from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tebedu from Serian district. They traveled for 4 hours to make it to Kuching GIR. This is certainly a very good indication for GIR Malaysia to have a tour in Sarawak in 2018.

Photos by Get Into Rugby Malaysia and Kesatuan Ragbi Negeri Sarawak

Get Into Rugby Malaysia – Personify Malaysia rugby scene

20 November 2017 – Get Into Rugby is heading to the last part of 2017. GIR from World Rugby is an initiative to develop and spread rugby among students starting from the tender age of 5 until 17 years old.

It was all started back in 2017 as the Malaysia Rugby Union started to use the Get Into Rugby module as the development program at try, play and stay level. With the grant 5000 pound from the World Rugby, they target Malaysia to reach 8000 pupils. The Malaysia Rugby Union showed great commitment and the graft showed increment each year, they increased the grant to 20 000 pounds per year where 50% of that need to be used to buy rugby equipment.

In 2017, Malaysia Rugby Union has organized the program for more than 27 000 pupils nationwide. That is 2000 more than the initial target. It was a great achievement that leads to Asia Rugby acknowledgment for Malaysia as one of the Elite nation in rugby development.

Get Into Rugby is a program which used both national as well as the ex-national players as the mentor. Lead by Vice President of Malaysia Rugby Union, Mr. Raimi Mohd Yusof as the Get Into Rugby Director, it is a big success to schools across the nation. Raimi shared “Teachers and mentor such as Farid Rahman, Yusli Ramli, Syed Shazril, Mazuri Salehudin, Irwan Abdol, Mohd Romli Saad and much more are playing a vital role that leads to the success of the program. The sacrifice a lot and show great dedication toward the program.”

As for this year, Get Into Rugby moved into another level by appointing King George V as the hub for the program. The agreement between KGV and GIR will lead to 4 tournaments which will be held to create a platform for any team under the GIR program. This will help to expand the program to the grass root level. This great idea is from Mr. Mohd Zain Haji Ismail, a visionary in expanding the sport.

Get Into Rugby latest program was in Kedah few week back. The four days road tour was organized as they received request from the Kedah Rugby Union. 28 schools took part with 23 teachers as well as 800 pupils from all over Kedah took part in the introduction program.

Get Into Rugby team is in Kuching, Sarawak for this week as they are having the program from 20 – 21 November 2017.

Do follow Get Into Rugby Instagram of hit the like button on the official Facebook page, Getintorugby-Malaysia

Photos by Get Into Rugby Malaysia.

Meet Abbygale – Malaysia women referee on the raise

11 November 2017 – Rugby fans who came to the COBRA 10s Ladies last week will certainly notice a rare sight of a girl as the referee for rugby matches. Abbygale Rayone Michael Lojinggu is a qualified woman referee in Malaysia.

This 21 years old came all the way from Panampang, Sabah. She herself is still actively playing for Sabah Angel Warrior Rugby Club. She started playing when she was 16 years old as she was in form 4 of Sekolah Menengah St. Joseph, Penampang under the guidance of coach Josephine Joseph.

Started playing for Malaysia at the age of 19

This young girl is an outstanding player in her playing career. She played for Malaysia when she was 19 years old during the 2015 Singapore SEA Games. She also played for Malaysia during the South East Asia 7s as well as for Malaysia Under 20 at Johor last year.

Abby with Malaysia 7s Women team

Abby takes the decision to take the referee course as she wants to understand the game better as a player. She wants to know and understand the rule better. She took the level 1 referee course at the Universiti Malaysia Sabah conducted by Dr. Nizam Nazarudin and Sir Madi Kawi of Singapore.

She had her first experience as a referee back in 2016. She blew in two tournaments, UPM Rugby Rumble Festival 2016 and UPSI 10s.

Abby taming boys during UPSI 10s

Other than level 1 referee, Abbygale also obtained Coaching level 1.

This Kadazan Rungus young girl has a high hope of working his way back into the Malaysia team setup. She is excited to see more women get involved in the rugby as well as proud of the women team achievement during the 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games where they won Bronze.

Abbygale is also hoping to see more women referee get recognition in the near future. We expect to see more from her. Abbygale excel in both sports and academy as she pursues her study at the Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Shah Alam.

Very best of luck to Abby and we are as excited to see her as a referee on our Malaysia Rugby scene.

Photos from Abbygale personal collection

46 players call-up for Malaysia 15s Under 19

10 November 2017 – 46 players received the call-up to represent the Malaysia 15s Under 19 team. The team will be playing in the Asia Rugby Championship 15s Under 19 Division 1 this December 2017.

Numbers of familiar faces who represented Malaysia 7s team in the Asia Rugby 7s Under 20 in Hong Kong earlier this year are also in the mix. Mohd Hafizuddin Amin (KV Arau) and Muhammad A’Aziem (SSTMI) will be hoping to end this year within the national team squad after their appearance for Malaysia 7s squad in Hong Kong.

National 7s Under 20 best player, Zulmajdi Kama Razali who plays as the flyhalf receive the call-up as well. He played in the 2016 Edition where Malaysia unlucky to finish fourth on the home soil.

They will be having the centralize training for the championship at the Sekolah Sukan Tunku Mahkota Ismail, Johor. That program will start on 24th November until 11 December 2017.

4 teams will take part in the ARC 15s Under 19 Division 1. The championship will start on 13th December while the final match will be played 3 days later. All the matches will be played in Manila, Philippines.

Malaysia will take on either the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and Philippines in the semi-final.

From Our Lens : SSTMI – Champion in need of support

9 November 2017 – When we talk about Sekolah Sukan Tunku Mahkota Ismail, each rugby fans across Malaysia knows how important that school is in producing great players that went on to play for Malaysia.

9 out of 12 national players who bag Gold during the 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games are the product of SSTMI. That shows the high quality of the players produce by the coaching and management of this school.

SSTMI is the only school listed as the High-Performance School under the National Rugby Development Program (NRDP) in Malaysia. They match that status by dominating tons of tournament in 2017.

Few could stop SSTMI when they are on song

Plate Runner-up – Asia Rugby Under 20 Sevens Series
Quarter Final – AirAsia Malaysia Rugby League
Champion – National 7s
Semi Final – Langkawi International Rugby 7s
Semi Final – NS Royal 7s
Champion – Arau 7’s

Runner Up – National 7s
Plate Runner Up – Langkawi International Rugby 7s
Bowl Champion – NS Royal 7s
Third Place – Arau 7s

Under 17
Champion – MCKK 7s
Champion – Salbros 7s
Semi Final – Langkawi International Rugby 7s
Bowl Champion – NS Royal 7s

Team U16
Runner Up – Johor Rugby Carnival 7s
Runner Up – NS Royal 7s
Third Place – Arau 7s
Champion – Allied Pickfords 15s
Champion – Super KGV International 10s

7 years old broken tackling bag

Few know that despite all the championship, the rugby team is severely lacking in term of fund and equipment. They still able to join multiple tournaments and won them with the help of parents, friends and rugby fans.

The sky is the limit if this school is well equipped and fund. They could have better preparation with proper equipment. The status of the only high-performance school should be matched.

SSTMI is the reference for all the other rugby school in Malaysia. They also received tons of application to come to their place and train with them and they accepted it with open arms despite all their shortage.

They need something way better than these

It is great to see the coaching team fully utilized what they have. It will be much better to see if they can maximize their potential with proper support from those who supposed to be involved.

Very best of luck SSTMI Tsunami in 2018.

As what those rugby coaches say, “ada ada, tak ada tak ada, anggap selasai”

Photos from Mr Syed Shazril and Zainuddin Mamat/Ragbionline

Tsunami too good at Georgian Green

7 November 2017 – SSTMI Tsunami, the pre-match favorite match the expectation as they cruised to win the Under 16 of Super KGV International 10s title. There was no stopping Tsunami who also won the title back in 2016.

Lead by the ever-influential Syed Shazril who is also the coach for the National 7s Under 20 team, SSTMI Under 16 finally won their first maiden trophy after 3 tournaments. They were second best during the Johor Rugby Carnival as well as lost another final at the NS Royal a few weeks back.

Sekolah Sukan Tunku Mahkota Ismail started the tournament with a bang, racking up 7 tries as they trashed Kolej Vokasional Wakaf Tembesu 41 – 0. SSTMI showed no mercy as scored 6 tries in the second match. They beat the club from Sri Lanka, AGOAL 34 – 0. SSTMI ranked first after the group match. During the playoff, SSTMI overcame Sekolah Menengah Sultan Yahya Petra 21 – 0, comfortably advance to the Cup quarter-final.

SSTMI scored an average of 3 tries in each match in the knock-out round. They scored 3 tries as they beat Sekolah Menengah Sains Tuanku Jaafar 21 – 0 in the quarter-final. They repeat the same scoreline in the semi-final. SSTMI got better of SBPI Kubang Pasu to advance to the final.

It was all about SSTMI from the first whistle. Credit to SBPI Gombak who gave their all but SSTMI stood tall. SSTMI rack 2 tries in the dominant first half. INTEGOMB gave their best shot at the start of the second half but was duly punished by SSTMI third try. SSTMI beat INTEGOMB 21 – 0 for their second successive Super KGV International 10s Under 16.

To make it sweeter for SSTMI, they did not let a single try went pass them in these two Super KGV International 10s edition.