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The 12 players to Japan

2 August 2018 – Malaysia Rugby Union has announced the 12 players who will play in Japan this week. The Malaysia 7s will be participating in the Asia Invitational 7s – Sapporo.

The two days tournament will see Malaysia 7s team take on the Chinese Taipei, Japan SDS and Japan Youth team. It will be the last tournament for the national team who is preparing for the upcoming Asia Games in Indonesia by the end of the month.

Asia Invitational 7s – Sapporo

The 12 players on the plane to Japan are.

1. Zulkiflee bin Azmi
2. Muhammad Siddiq Amir bin Jalil
3. Muhammad Azwan Zuwairi bin Mat Zizi
4. Amalul Hazim bin Nasarrudin
5. Wan Izzuddin bin Ismail
6. Muhammad Dzafran Asyraaf bin Muhamad Zainudin
7. Mohamad Safwan bin Abdullah
8. Muhamad Firdaus bin Tarmizi
9. Muhammad Ameer Nasrun bin Zulkefli
10. Mohamad Khairul Abdillah bin Ramli
11. Muhammad Zulhisham bin Rasli
12. Mohamad Nasharuddin bin Ismail

The team manager, Zyuraidi Abd Majid said that this team could consist of 80% of the squad to Indonesia. “We haven’t decided the name for Asia Games. We can only bring 12 players to the tournament and with a few more players are still nursing their injury, this is the best team that we could bring and test in Japan.”

It will be another level of challenge for Malaysia as they previously won two local tournaments, Royal Perlis 7s and Song Kheng Hai 7s. It is what they wish for as Japan will certainly the team to beat in Indonesia.

Malaysia to face Japan

This is also a good chance for Malaysia to analyze Chinese Taipei before the game in Indonesia.

Malaysia is in the same group as Japan, Chinese Taipei and the host, Indonesia in the upcoming Asia Games.

Photos by Fauzi Saim and Aiman Farhan

Pengerang TCS 10s thundered SSTMI

1 August 2018 – The first ever Pengerang Thunderstorm Championship School 10s (Pengerang TCS 10s) exceed their expectation with participation from school and academy from all over Malaysia. 46 teams made it to the 2 days tournament which took place at the Tunku Mahkota Ismail Sports School, Bandar Penawar.

All the three categories were played in the tackle format.

The tournament saw 12 teams participated in the Under 9 category while the Under 10 was participated by 14 teams. The Under 11 had the most participation with 20 teams. They also had one “Orang Asli” school, SK Runchang who travelled all the way from Pahang to participate in the Under 11. They did well to finish as the runner-up in the Saucer 2.

Pengerang TCS 10s – Under 9

The host, SK Bandar Easter won the Under 9 as they got better of SK Permas Jaya 3, 19 – 0 in the final. SK Bandar Easter dominance was certainly on the show throughout the tournament as they did not concede a single point en route to the title.

Bandar Easter wish to win the second title was cut short in the Under 10. They went down to the SK Setiawangsa from Kuala Lumpur, 5 – 10 in the final.

Pengerang TCS 10s – Under 10

In the main event, SK Taman Perling of Johor Baharu showed that they were levels above the rest. The won the Under 11 title with a dominance, one side game over SK Temenggung Abdul Rahman. They won the final match with 34 – 0 scoreline.

Pengerang TCS 10s – Under 11

SK Bandar Easter received another award as the overall champion as they are the champion of Under 9, runner-up for under 10 while their Under 11 team ended the tournament as the Bowl runner-up.

The champion for each category received the trophy, medals and RM200 cash money while the overall champion received trophy and RM300 cash money.

The tournament received full support from Pengerang Local Authority. Johor Rugby Union president, Haji Mohd Noorazam Osman presented the prizes to the winner.

Photos by Fauzi Saim/Official Pengerang TCS 10s Photographer

Knight came and conquered Kuching

31 July 2018 – SMK Tun Ismail (STI Knight), from Batu Pahat, conquered Kuching as they won the Under 14 of the KRFC – School 7s category. The Knight overcame Sarawak number 1 school, SMKA Sheikh Haji Othman Abdul Wahab (SHOAW) in the final match.

STI travelled to Kuching with their Under 13 development squad. They choose Kuching as they want to give more exposure to the player as well as a benchmarking visit to top rugby school in Sarawak.

The first day went so well for STI Knight. They finished as the first rank team with 8 points. They won all 3 matches but had to work hard to overcome Kolej Dato Patinggi Abang Haji Abdillah (KDPA) 12 – 10 in the last group match. SHOAW ranked second as they also won all 3 group matches in Pool A.

Both STI and SHOAW cruised into the semi-final with both teams scored 5 tries to beat SM Sains Kuching Utara and KDPA B in the semi-final.

KRFC School – U14

STI exceed their pre-tournament expectation as they book the spot in the final. They trashed MRSM Kuching 24 – 0. SHOAW confirmed the second spot in the final. They had to work hard before the win it 12 – 5 over their rival, KDPA Haji Abdillah.

It was certainly the day for STI as they scored 4 tries in the final match. STI team captain, Akmal Arif bin Hamizan broke the deadlock before 2 tries from Mohd Haiqal Haqimi M. Redhaudeen put the Knight in the driving seat. The winger, Muhammad Haikal bin Abd Razak sealed the match for STI as the won the cup with 20 – 5 scoreline.

“We did not expect to lift the cup in Kuching. I brought the Under 13 teams as I want to give more time to them. SKH School 7s is the 10th tournament that we join and this is the first time we win the cup.” Shared Ahmad Taufiq Abd Rahani, STI teacher and head coach.

The team brought home the cup, balls and medals as well as the RM300 cash money.

KRFC School – U18

SMKA Sheikh Haji Othman Abdul Wahab did get their hand on the cup. The senior team won the Under 18 categories. They overcame MRSM Kuching in the final, winning the cup with 29 – 5 scoreline.

The main prizes were given away by Sarawak Rugby Union president, Richard Song Swee Jin and Kuching Rugby Football Club treasurer, Dick Bentham.

Photos from STI Knight

Player welfare – What we normally ignore

The original post by
Faridahidayu Amrizal (Former Development Officer of Malaysia Rugby Union)

Peace Be Upon You

During the Match Commissioner World Rugby course, there are two important things that I learned and should be considered in all planning/decisions to be done. The two are: –
1 – Player Welfare
2 – Time

In the context of the Rugby Tournament, the two things mention related to all parties involved. The six common ignorances that often occurs for player welfare in the domestic tournament: –

1 – Player
– Body readiness * either been forced or willing to play with unfit condition * different level of tournament required different effort.
– skipped or unfinished recovery period * commonly skipped GRTP protocol.
– play without insurance.
– safety equipment/guard.
* know your right, think long-term, extra education and knowledge

2 – Player’s Family Members
– Not been informed, regarding related paperwork: – example U18 eligibility form, insurance coverage
* integrity – no one shall sign/sign on behalf without proper consultation

Educator Malaysia Rugby Facebook page

3 – Team management and support – the common 3 (coach/team medical/doctor or physio or both/manager), extra – Sports Science support
– no / less competency person on the team.
example: –
a – A coach based on experience, less exposure with tips / practical way / recommended safety WR practice on proper technique and training plan, etc.
b – No / less team medical, either Doctor or Physio or both or at least one with WR FAIR Level 1 competent person who is capable to be the first responder to the player.

c – Team manager – last minute paperwork (players details, jersey no, eligibility, insurance, IC/passport, physical examination etc). Create a problem if an emergency occurs.
Example: – Yellowcard / Red Card cases. There must be doers and victim. There are 2 possibilities for a victim when the referee shows the card, either he is safe or injured. The worst case scenario is when an injury occurred. It is either blood bin or continues converting sub. In this context. All documentation that the organizer requested is crucial for reporting purposes. From secretariate to the referee to tournament medical team. In other words, there must be a reason all those documents needed and been recommended by World Rugby.

d – Allow players to play without insurance.

e – Allow underage play players without signing eligibility (sign by parents).

f – Encourage unfit players unfit to play.

g – Allow players to play even though the tournament does not meet the minimum requirements for player welfare.
Reflect Asia Rugby practice there are a few documentation shall be sent prior to the tournament day with restriction, such as coach/physio/doctor position shall have minimal World Rugby requirement to be part of the team.
* experience is good, but with the extra knowledge you will be much better – consult related person for any courses/ advise related with team management roles

4 – Tournament structure: – Main focus to organizer + tournament medical team + match official (referee), secretariat.
a – Money / Success over main priority * overlooked what is main priorities
example: – slow in field preparation (The field should be ready 24 hours before the match day – and check for any harmful object on and around the field.)

There is minimal requirement checklist provide for the organizer. Follow or being ignorance, will lead to a big impact.

b – non-competent support system / main power
– No revision for documentation details. – related much by allowing non-eligible players

c – Lack of communication
* pre and post-mortem meeting, design and plan tournament which is the aim of a smooth tournament. Follow schedule/timeline. Planning and execution are 2 different things. Seek to advise from the correct channel.

5 – Governance Body
* providing support
* enforcement of rules and regulation
* be firm

6 – Spectator
a – Common, if there is no barrier, they will reach out the matches
– Either standing too near with sideline or even stand inside the line.
– Let the children play too near with sideline.

Rugby is a contact sport with high impact on the body. Those aspects should be the priority regardless of the level. A highly competitive level, play in high impact, which exposes to high risk of injury. A lower level is no less dangerous, with beginner, new in the game is exposed to injury could be due to wrong technique.

With the aim to create more game time, to give more chance to play, to be more competitive, put these issue as a priority. Minimal the chance for injury to occurs.

How? educate yourself, Seek for advice, consultation with correct person/channel.

It will be awesome if we can reach a certain standard of practice right?

Photos by Aiman Farhan and Educator Malaysia Rugby

It’s THOR time

25 July 2018 – Johor Sports School Tun Hussein Onn (THOR) announce their arrival as the new powerhouse in Johor as they lift the MSS Johor Under 15s for the very first time. They brake the domination of SMK Sri Mersing and English College, the top two schools who always challenge for the title at the national level.

THOR cruised on the first day, sending an early signal as they demolished SMK Bandar Easter and SMK Pasir Gudang 3 with 32 – 0 and 38 – 0 scoreline. They scored another 6 tries in the playoff which was played at night as they overcame SMK Kelapa Sawit 36 – 0.

The school which is under the Johor Rugby Union Development Program continue to excel in the quarter-final match. SMK Bandar Mas unable to stop THOR as they scored 5 tries in the 31 – 0 win.

MSS Johor 10s Under 15

It was all to play for in the semi-final as THOR faced 2017 champion, Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar (EC). Both teams played their best rugby and were so tight as they went into the half-time break at 0 – 0 scoreline. Asrin b Azman became the hero as he completed the penalty kick to send THOR into the final.

SMK Sri Mersing also had a wonderful journey before the final. 2 wins out of 2 in the group stage followed by 45 – 0 thumping win over MRSM Batu Pahat in the play-off. SM Sains Johor broke SMK Sri Mersing line for the first time in the tournament but unable to stop them from advancing to the semi-final as they lost to Mersing with 7 – 14.

SMK Sri Mersing faced SM Sains Batu Pahat in the semi-final which saw the school from Mersing book the final spot with 10 – 0 win.

Things did not get easy for SMK Sri Mersing as they were without their head coach, Zulkifli bin Md Amin who was rushed to the hospital after he suffered illness on the first day of the tournament.

THOR, with creating a brand new history in their mind, was certainly well prepared for the final match. On the other side, SMK Sri Mersing was wishing to go one step better from what they did in 2017 after they suffered defeat to the English College in the final.

14 years old Ammar Rishdan set the early tone in the final match with the first try. THOR double the scoreline via Danny Iskandar Sahrudin’s try before he himself gave the extra 2 points from resulting conversion. SMK Sri Mersing closed the gap with their own try as they went into the halftime with 12 – 5 scoreline in favour of THOR.

Muhamad Yusri Sadiq Yusof made sure THOR continue to dominate as he scored THOR third try. Azrin Azman made it 19 – 5 with another conversion. THOR sealed the title as they were awarded a penalty try, with minutes to go. THOR won the MSS Johor Under 15 as they overcame SMK Sri Mersing 27 – 5.

Photos from THOR

Malaysia 7s conquered Kuching

23 July 2018 – Sabah OSCA Warriors RC produced an outstanding performance and brought out the very best from Malaysia 7s team in the final of Song Kheng Hai – Memorial Cup 2018. Malaysia lifted the title, winning the match by a single point.

Malaysia matches the expectation by winning the tournament but they were forced to work hard by the club from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah until the final whistle.

Malaysia 7s did not have much problem in reaching the final. They comfortably grab the top of the Pool A with 5 wins with 20 maximum points. They have an average of 6 tries in each group matches.

Sabah Osca Warriors RC matches what Malaysia did as they also grab 20 maximum points from all 5 matches. They scored 125 points in total from 19 tries and 15 conversions. Their biggest win came in the last match as Sabah OSCA trashed Warriors Old Boys RC 40 – 5.

Song Kheng Hai – Memorial Cup 7s

Malaysia 7s team book the final spot with another spectacular win over ATM team in the semi-final. They scored 6 tries in the process to beat the ATM 34 – 5. Sabah OSCA overcame the young Sabah team in another semi-final. Sabah OSCA recovered after SUKMA Sabah scored the first try of the match in the first minute to beat them 17 – 7.

It’s all to play for in the final match with RM5000 was up for grab for the champion. Malaysia takes an early lead through Azwan Zuwairi try. The lead didn’t last long as OSCA level the score through Taniela Talivarua try in the third minute. 2 more points from the resulting conversion by Joseph Gordon gave the lead to OSCA. The score remained until the end of the half.

Azwan Zuwairi gave the lead for Malaysia 7s 2 minutes into the second half. Malaysia took full advantage when Sabah OSCA was reduced to six players as Wilmer Wilfredoline received a yellow card. Mohammad Ameer Nasrun scored the third try for Malaysia. Sakuisa Terence Gavidi broke from OSCA own half and run all the way to score OSCA second try with Joseph Gordon completed the second conversion. It was a little too late for OSCA to rescue the match as the referee blow the final whistle. Malaysia 7s lifted the title with 15 – 14 win over Sabah OSCA Warriors.


The final match attracted VIPs as YB Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman bin Hamzah, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Sarawak, Tan Sri Datuk Amar Haji Mohamad Ghani bin Abdul Ghani, Patron Sarawak Rugby cum State Secretary of Sarawak, Lt Gen Datuk Stephen Mundaw, Panglima Medan Timur, Mej Gen Dato Toh Choon Siang, Panglima 1 Divisyen Infantri Malaysia, Datuk Haji Abang Abdul Wahap bin Hj Abang Julai, Dr Ong Kong Swee, CEO, Sarawak Sports Corporation, Mr Hii Chang Kee, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Sarawak, Dato Shahrul Zaman bin Yahya, President Malaysia Rugby, all spend their Sunday evening to watch the game.

YB Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman bin Hamzah, Minister of Tourism presented the Cup, Medals and cash prize to the winner.

Photos from SKH 7s admin.

Johor justify favourite tag

18 July 2018 – Johor lifted the Perlis Royal 7s Under category after three outstanding performance in the second day of the tournament. Being touted as one of the favorite team to grab the gold medal by rugby fan in Malaysia for the upcoming SUKMA 2018, Johor showed their determination and excel on the KV Arau field.

Things, however, did not go as planned for them on the first day. They only finished third after the defeat to Terengganu 17 – 7 in the last match group match. The collected six points from the other two match defeating Wilayah 17 – 12 and the host Perlis 21 – 12.

Johor recovered well and started the second day on high with a dominant 17 – 0 win over Tunku Mahkota Ismail Sports (SSTMI) School, the team they lost to in the Melaka 7s final match. Johor got the redemption over Terengganu in the semi-final as they beat the team from East Malaysia 14 – 12 to book the final spot.

Kedah journey in Perlis Royal 7s did not go as smooth as they wish as SSTMI edged them via a single try in the second match. They previously overcame Perak 5 – 0 and book the top spot in Pool B with 12 – 0 win over Sabah.

The second day started well for them, confidently dispatch the host Perlis 22 – 5 before they book the second final spot with the win over Wilayah.

It was all to play for in the final but Johor had an extra cutting edge as they scored 3 tries and completed all the conversion. Try from Sufi Hafizuddin, Rozaihan Roslee and Muhammad Daniel Amir give the title to Johor with 21 – 14 win over Kedah

Perlis Royal 7s – Under 21

It will be interesting to see the upcoming SUKMA as all teams seem well balanced. The win for Johor should boost their confidence they need come to the SUKMA soon.

Photos by Aiman Farhan/Ragbionline

Good warm up in Perlis

17 July 2018 – Rimau 7s team performed well in the warm-up tournament as they showed class in the two days tournament. They were untouchable throughout the tournament, cruised in all 6 matches to the title.

The head coach, Saizul Hafifi decided to rest captain, Zulkiflee Azmi, newcomer Muhd Safiy Mohd Said, Azwan Zuwairi Aziz and Zaiheri Zumardi for the trip to the far north of Malaysia.

3 win out of 3 group matches saw Rimau, as expected, topped the Pool A. KSDBKL sat second with 6 points after they were humble down by the national team 17 – 0. They didn’t even need to go to the third gear in all the group matches as they focus on getting the match fitness to peak in the Asia games soon.

The team opened the second day with a confident display as they overcame UNIMAP 31 – 0 in the quarter-final. They book the final spot thanks to 24 – 0 over SUKMA Negeri Sembilan.

Malaysia 7s finally showed a glimpsed of what they can do and put 8 tries pass ABI JOB FC in the final match. Malaysia 7s easily cruised to the title with 54 – 0 win.

Malaysia will travel to Sarawak next week as they will take part in the Song Kheng Hai – Memorial Cup 2018 which will take place in Kuching. They will then head to Japan to play in the Asia Invitational 7s at Sapporo in the first week of August as the final preparation before Asia Games in Jakarta starting from 30th August.

Photos by Aiman Farhan

Double champion for Tsunami

10 July 2018 – SSTMI Tsunami proved that they are still the team to beat after two teams from the school claimed the title at the UTP Super Rugby 10s. SSTMI Tsunami Under 16 team won the Under 17 category while their elder brothers who played for Front Row Jr claimed the Under 19.

Sek Sukan Tunku Mahkota Ismail

SSTMI Tsunami Under 16 didn’t have much problem to clinch the Under 17 title. With only 6 teams in the category, they managed to outclass the opponent despite fielding 5 Under 15 and 7 Under 16 players. Tsunami scored 40 points in the group matches from 6 tries, 5 conversions and did not let a single point to the opponent.

They stormed through KV Tanah Merah in the semi-final and book the final spot with 27 – 0 win. In the final, Tsunami face Bengals RC for the second time in the tournament as they previously beat them 21 – 0 in the group match. Ikhmal Hijjaz and Putra Danish scored a try each as Putra added 4 more points from two conversions for the Tsunami to claim the title.

UTP Super Rugby 10s Under 17

In the Under 19, Front Row made sure they claimed the top spot with a 100% record. They did well to beat Happy Ending, STAROBA, SAJOHA Viking and GMI and scored 11 tries in the process.

Front Row Jr turn into another gear at the start of the second day to demolish SABROBA 43 – 0 in the quarter-final. UTP Drillers Jr did their best but unable to stop the Front Row as they went down 7 – 21 in the semi-final match.

Happy Ending who finished second in the Pool D made it to final after 14 – 10 win over Anchorman Jr in the other semi-final. Happy Ending was wishing for a revenge as Front Row Jr narrowly beat them by a single try in the group match.

UTP Super Rugby 10s Under 19

That did not materialise as two tries as well as two conversions from Hafiezie Sudin and additional one try from Adam Arif won the game for Front Row Jr. Front Row won the final with 19 – 7 scoreline.

With the win, SSTMI Tsunami Under 16 brought home RM750 while the Front Row Jr received RM 1000. They also brought home trophy and medals.

Photos by Aiman Farhan for Ragbionline

High school Batu Pahat on high

10 July 2018 – High School Batu Pahat (HSBP) of Johor won the Under 15 category at the UTP Super Rugby 10s last weekend. The team had a good tournament and overcame Bengals RC in the final.

6 teams compete in the Under 16 category with Bengals RC sent two teams. HSBP was in Pool A alongside Bengals A and SBPI Gopeng (IGOP). They did not have much problem as they comfortably dispatch both teams 35 – 0 and 31 – 0 over IGOP. The scoreline certainly indicates HSBP domination in those match.

HSBP started the second day in a similar fashion. They kept their focus to overcome the Bengals B team in the semi-final. HSBP scored 4 tries to win the match 26 – 0.

Bengals who finished as the Pool A runner-up shocked SBPI Gombak 10 – 0 to advance to the final.


Bengals played a much better game in the final compared to what they showed in the group stage to match HSBP. They even managed to break the HSBP line to score a try but that unable to stop HSBP from claiming the title. Two tries from Mohamad Syahrul Fahri bin Syahrudin secured the win as HSBP overcame Bengals with 12 – 5 scoreline.

UTP Super Rugby 10s Under 15

Hasrol Baharom (HSBP head coach) shared, “winning the title is not something that we use to, so we will cherish every moment. We will keep working hard to improve our game.”

HSBP brought home RM700, trophy as well as medals.

Photos courtesy of HSBP.