From Our Lens : Rimau 7s Rising Together

2 July 2017 – We dropped by at Padang A UPM a few days back to have some quick updates from the Head Coach of Rimau 7s, Mohd Saiful Afifi on the latest development of the squad.

According to the Head Coach who is fondly known as “Pipie”, the squad is currently in Phase 3 – their last phase of training. All the hard works are about to come to its end. However, he is having a headache in choosing the final Rimau 7s squad as all of the current players are in their best in term of results, tests, and physical conditions.

Coach is an art, but you need science to back up your finding and fine tune your methods. To this end, the coaching team is using Catapult GPS tracking system, to monitor the performance of these fine athletes. With this system, the team is able to measure and track performance in real time and trend performance over time.

Our main competitors in the 7s rugby are the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore. However, the Philippines as the strongest and shall provide the main obstacles in our quest for the gold medals. In the last SEA Games (2015), the Philippines beat Malaysia 24-7 to win the gold medals.

We at Ragbionline would like to wish Coach Pipie and his team the best in their and our nation quest for the goal medals.

By Zainuddin Mamat/ragbionline

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